childcare east greenwich ri

Pea Wees 6 weeks -10 months
A loving atmosphere in which the ratio between caregiver and child will always remain the same. A lot of stimulating and just plain old loving, rocking and natural caring.

childcare east greenwich ri

Honeysuckles 10-18 months
These walking wonders will enjoy an atmosphere consisting of safe surroundings in which they can grow and develop their reading, singing, dancing and creativity!

childcare east greenwich ri

Peanuts 18 months-3 years
An environment that stimulates the desire to learn within each child. Exploration and discovering are components to their learning environment.

childcare east greenwich ri

Sunshines 3-4 years
For children who are ready to explore academic concepts such as writing, math, science and art using learning centers that also help to develop their social, emotional and intellectual skills.

pre kindergarten east greenwich ri

Pre-Kindergarten 4-5 years
Social and emotional competencies are emphasized within our curriculum that incorporates academic and exploratory learning through play.

village lower school

The Village Lower School
Our goal is to provide students with an academic and social experience that stimulates and cultivates their wondrous young minds.

We are currently accepting applications for our 2019-2020 Kindergarten class!